3 Gadgets you should avoid in 2017 and good reasons why is not good idea to use it

When we talk about gadgets, you want them to be helpful to you and to full fill most of the promises. Those what are not useful can least be fun, but what when you buy a gadget what is not fun or useful, and most of all, it doesn’t full fill any of your expectations? Those gadgets people really need to avoid. It will cost you money and your nerves, so it really doesn’t worth it. No one needs to spend money on junk, so that is why we make a list of gadgets you should avoid in 2017.

1. Hoverboards

This is something what no one really needs. If you can walk somewhere then do that. With Hoverboard anyone will not be quicker and it is just something what looks cool like it came from ‘Back to do future’ but it doesn’t have any useful function. Today people already don’t do enough physical activities, so it is not really good idea to avoid walking on short distance. It is healthier and you will feel much better when you walk than when you standing on the board and waiting when you will get there. One more problem is that those boards really not secure, not only because bad technical solutions (that can actually burn under your legs) than also because people don’t pay enough attention to a traffic or to anything around, so smaller accidents with this gadget are more than often thing. We don’t really want to know how bad things can happen when you going on the other side of the road on your hoverboard and typing on your phone.

2. Griffin BreakSafe

This gadget is one more great idea with a disappointing result. This look like the really safe way to disconnect your charger and to avoid many brakes what can happen because of quick unplugging chargers of your phones. That goal is made successful, but somewhere they lose a prime task of chargers, they should charge your phone. Here you will safely disconnect it off your phone, but it is really hard to charge it with this gadget. It is almost impossible to charge your phone well, because of weak magnets you always need to be careful will it separate and stop charging. That is how you losing much time to check your battery and is it still connected, and despite that, there is still huge possibility that you will not charge it well. It just doesn’t worth no your time, no money.

3. Galaxy Note 7

One more thing what can explode while you using it. It was promising phone with great features, but all those features don’t worth of losing your ear or finger. It is unsafe, and you don’t need it. On today’s market for that price you can find a lot of smartphones with great features but without a possibility of exploding in your arms. This is definitely the gadget you need to avoid in 2017 and always, actually.

Today market is full of gadgets whit many fun and useful functions and without explosive effects. Gadgets you can count on that it will do their work well. That is why this 3 you need to avoid are not so big problem, just choose one what will full fill your expectations.