5 Famous State Of The Art Sports Arenas Globally

It is not always a walk in the park to design an outstanding sports arena. You must create a building capable of facilitating the flow of over tens of thousands individuals at a time. There is also a need to avail catering and shopping facilities as well as to provide the spectators with a fantastic game view. However, several stadiums have managed to employ qualified architects to do the work. They have therefore utilized panache to design arenas that indeed look amazing, as they also accomplish their role to a tee. The following are the most spectacular and innovative sports venues both internally and externally:

1. Borisov Arena

Borisov Arena

Borisov arena is the new stadium for BATE Borisov which is a football club in Belarus. From the exterior, the stadium looks like a bird’s nest with a lot of spots all around. The stadium was designed by OFIS Arhitekti company based in Slovenia meet the needs of UEFA. It has a capacity of the 13,000 people.
This arena is primarily draped in aluminum and tends to imitate the constructions of living cells in the interior. Spongy perforations highlight the cell-like structure. The stadium is given a living appearance by being covered by a skin-like fabric that covers its dome.

2. The Soccer City Johannesburg

The soccer city arena was constructed o primarily host the FIFA world cup in 2010. It was the very first time when such an event had occurred in Africa. The stadium which was built by Populous portrays a new state of the art arena that acts as a symbol for the modern culture of Africans. It was also aimed at meeting the requirements of FIFA.
The frontage is made up of a cladding system which is specially designed and developed in the form of fiber-cement panels. The pot is also fitted with open panels that offer natural ventilation as well as mimicking the starlit African sky when the arena is lit up.

3. Astana Arena

astana arena

Astana arena is the home to Astana football club in Kazakhstan. The stadium is designed with a retractable roof which can withstand a snow layer which is twice as thick as most angles of the globe. This is because; the Astana city is one of the coldest towns in the world.

The stadium which was built with architecture Kurokawa is made up of aluminum honeycomb panels. This is aimed at providing the stadium with a softly hewn and organic as well as an aesthetic quality.

4. Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

Allianz arena hosts Bayern Munich which is one of the most famous football clubs in Europe. The club has a color altering faced which as lately served as a tourism site. The stadium appears as an illuminated object which is capable of changing its appearance. The interior of the arena is crater-like, hence lending it very distinctive characteristics from other stadia.

5. The London Aquatics Centre

London Aquatics Center

The stadium was majorly designed for the Olympic Games in London in 2012 by Zaha Hadid, a British architecture. It was designed in the form of the Olympic park’s river landscape. Externally, the undulating roof of this stadium seems to sweep up as a wave from the ground. The roof encloses the central pools with its significantly unifying gesture.

With the world cup presently seen to obsess much of the globe, most of the people have turned their focus on the design of sports arenas. The manner in which the above stadiums are building is very innovative and attractive, making them one of the best worldwide.