6 Cool Phone Hacks You Did not Know

It is virtually impossible to study all the features of your phone, some you will never know about in the entire life of your device, whether Android or an iPhone. I have 3 cool phone hacks for each type for both operating systems.

Three Cool Phone Hacks on Android

1. Remotely Lock your Phone

If you ever lose your phone, the Android Device Manager,available on Google Play, allows you to remotely lock the phone and erase all the data in the phone by remotely performing a Factory Reset.

All you need to do is activate the Device Administrator Settings which allows Android Google Play services to erase all data on the phone, change the screen lock ,and lock the screen.

2. Remotely Control Your Desktop Computer

Control your desktop from anywhere using your Android. You only need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop App on your desktop first and follow the prompts in the interface which will also require you to give permission to your Android device and to create a 6-digt PIN to be used later by the phone, where you will also need to install the software.

Installing the software is even more straightforward on the Android device. Follow all the prompts and enter the PIN you had earlier created on the desktop. Once the app is operational you can now operate your desktop remotely from anywhere.

3. Bypass your Security Code While in a Trusted Location

You can de-activate your security code whenever you are in specified, trusted locations. Therefore, anyone can access your phone without the need for a security code. Obviously, care must be taken to ensure that this feature is not activated in public places.

To activate the feature, go to “Smart Lock” under “Security Settings.”

Under “Smart Lock” you will then be required to specify your “Trusted Places,” which can be home or any other place you deem fit.
Three Cool Phone Hacks on iPhone
1. Etch-a-Sketch
Your iPhone can actually mimic an Etch-a-Sketch. All you have to do is shake the phone whenever you make a typing error and the screen will clear and allow you to start all over again.

This is a useful hack for those who hate the dexterous operations required to operate the “erase” tab. And it doesn’t stop at text only, the feature can also be used while editing pictures.

2. Charge Batteries Faster in Airplane ModeSwitch your phone to Airplane Mode and it will charge faster.

Because in the Airplane Mode all the background processes that consume power, including all radio-related operations, such as GPS and internet, will be off.

The difference in charging is not day-and-night, but it can shave off some minutes especially when you need to leave in a hurry. Remember not to check the charging process often as the screen background light consumes considerable power too.

3. Invert Display Colors at Night

Love browsing late at night while in bed? Do you wake up your spouse because of the bright light? Simple. Invert the iPhone display colors and you will not have to worry about the light. The text will be lighter than the background and this will be less invasive in the dark.

Keep on exploring your phones, there are more phone hacks to be discovered.