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Cool Cakes Designs in 2021

Cake designs continue to become more and more complex and creative with each passing year. They are no longer just tasty desserts but can also become an expression of a person’s interests or artistic ability. Take a look at some of these eye-catching cake designs that will leave your mouth watering.

Harry Potter I

This is the perfect cake for the Harry Potter fan in your life. The cake shows the black cloak most students at Hogwarts wear along with the famous red and yellow Gryffindor colors Harry and his friends are known to wear. Along with these are the Golden Snitch and Harry’s round glasses. Your Harry Potter fan will enjoy the attention to detail in this cake and love the classic Harry Potter font used to write out the message.

Baby Unicorn Hot Air Balloon

Know someone who appreciates all things cute? Look no further than this cake featuring a baby unicorn in a hot air balloon surrounded by clouds and colorful stars. This cute cake comes with a rainbow on the front so it really seems as if the unicorn is in the sky. It also comes atop a cake board where the desired message is displayed in colorful frosted lettering.

Fire Fighters

This is the perfect cake to give to anyone who loves firefighters. The cake is tall with a firefighter’s ladder extending up the side. At the top stand two firefighters in blue coats and yellow pants along with some flames. Behind them is a classic red fire truck. The firefighters can be made out of fondant which makes them edible. Also, the front of the cake is where the recipient’s name can go. It is put against a frosted backplate that is reminiscent of a fire station sign. The cake sits atop a cake board where the selected message is displayed.

Blue Label Cake

If you know someone who enjoys Blue Label, they will appreciate this cake. It is a replica of a sturdy Blue Label beer barrel that has the top exposed. At the top, the foam has been recreated which holds up the numbers you want to display on the cake. The cake board below the cake is also unique. It resembles wood which gives the whole cake a rustic look. On this cake board is where the message is written out in lettering that stands upright.

Dinosaur Forest

This cake is great for people who love dinosaurs. It is a stacked cake which means a tower sits atop another tower. The base tower can be four or six inches while the top tower can be six or eight inches. There is a green dinosaur at the top of the cake and a blue dinosaur that sits on the cake board. The dinosaurs are surrounded by vegetation including two large jungle trees. On the top tower is where the name and number are found. They sit atop frosting made to look like wood which plays into the pre-historic theme of the cake. Best yet, you can get cake delivery without the hassle of ever leaving your place to get it!

What does the success of SpaceX mean overall

SpaceX has encountered a lot of successes ever since it was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. Its sole mission is to minimize the cost of transportation that will enable humans to colonize Mars. There are a lot of achievements that SpaceX has done through the course of the years. One of the SpaceX achievements is that they launched liquid-propellant rocket in to the orbit way back 2008, and the rocket was named Falcon 1. After that, they were the first ever private company to successfully recover a spacecraft in 2010. They’ve also been classified as the first private company to send a spacecraft in to the International Space Station. SpaceX has flown a total of 20 resupply missions to help The International Space Station out, but of course, this is with the help of NASA. Another achievement of SpaceX is that they are the first ever private company to send an object to orbit around the Sun in 2018 and the list will goes on and on.

In September of 2016, Elon Musk revealed The Interplanetary Transport System named Starship, a privately funded launch system, that will develop spaceflight technology to enable interplanetary travels. In the following year, Musk revealed an updated configuration of Starship, as it will now be the primary SpaceX orbital vehicle after the late 2020s, as SpaceX announced they will replace the existing falcon 9 launch vehicles and Dragon capsules with Starship. Starship is designed to be reusable and it will be the largest rocket ever on its launch that is scheduled in early 2020.

The success of SpaceX means that they are capable of sending humans to space, especially with the goal of providing transport when the time has come to colonize Mars. Every manned aircraft that is sent to space by SpaceX is a step closer to achieving its sole purpose. Technological advancement is what SpaceX has proved as SpaceX announced that they will be making satellites that will cover up the world like constellations. Through Starlink, these satellites will provide internet access to everyone here on earth the access will even reach to some remote areas that a normal internet service provider cannot reach. SpaceX is headquartered on Hawthorn, California, and it also serves as their manufacturing plant. They also have a research and major operations in Redmond, Washington, and they own a test site in Texas.

In conclusion, SpaceX is just one of the many technological advancements that’s happening as of now. Over the years, it’s the kind of innovation that has been proven to be efficient and life-changing. With its ability to send individuals to space, SpaceX continues to astound NASA in terms of its contributution to space exploration. It’s had a successful reputation over the years, and individuals continue to be amazed by scientific advancements such as this. Colonizing Mars has been one of the talks of scientists around the world. Time will come that the Earth’s resources will come to a halt and we need to move out of here. In times where populations are inflating on a high scale, the idea of moving to Mars is becoming more reasonable. That’s why SpaceX was made- that is its sole purpose- to help the existing people move to Mars when the time has come.

Discover the top 4 state of the art buildings in the world

  1. Burj Al Arab The Burj Al Arab is a famous structure located in the city of Dubai. It is one of the most beautiful and prestigious hotel in the world. It is currently the only seven star hotel in the world. The shape of the building is inspired by a ship’s canvas. It is designed to look like a ship sailing in the sea. The amazing part is that this hotel is built on an artificial island. Inside the hotel, there is a wonderful group of fountains which is exactly what a visitor wants to see in a very hot climate. The service and hospitality of the hotel in unmatchable. Since, this structure is in the middle of the sea, it uses very sophisticated techniques to protect itself from various agents like wind and the waves of the sea. The engineers used various methods and sophisticated techniques without compromising on the luxury in the construction of this mega structure. Thus, it is number one on our list.
  2. Burj khalifa When it comes to the tallest building, the Burj khalifa beats all other buildings. It is currently the world’s tallest building with a height of 828 metres. The design of Burj khalifa is inspired by shape of a local flower, the white hymenocallis. The building itself looks so spectacular that visitors drop their jaw while having a look at this giant structure. It looks even more spectacular on special occasions during night time when fireworks make it look heavenly. The Burj khalifa is featured in various Hollywood movies. This shows the importance of the building to the world.
  3. The leaning tower of Abu Dhabi Number three on our list is the leaning tower of Abu Dhabi. As the name suggests, this structure is inspired by the leaning tower of Pisa. It is also known by the name Capital gate. It is the only structure in the world that has been made leaning intentionally. The beauty of the structure is that it is stable even when it is leaning. Clearly, it is a huge engineering achievement for mankind. The tower inclines at an angle of 18 degrees to the west. The tower is a two layer design. The central core of the tower leans in to opposite direction to the inclination of the building. This gives the building it's stability.
  4. The Petronas tower The Petronas tower is the tallest twin tower. Unlike any other building, it has a sky bridge which is designed as an escape route if disaster strikes any one of the towers. The tower is open to tourists who would like to visit the sky bridge. The Petronas tower reflects both modern and cultural look. The glass facade was designed to resemble Islamic motifs, which reflects Malaysian culture. It was the tallest building in the world untill 2004, when they were surpassed by Taipei 101 in Taiwan. Later Taipei 101 was surpassed by the Burj khalifa.

These are the top state of the art buildings in the world.

5 Famous State Of The Art Sports Arenas Globally

It is not always a walk in the park to design an outstanding sports arena. You must create a building capable of facilitating the flow of over tens of thousands individuals at a time. There is also a need to avail catering and shopping facilities as well as to provide the spectators with a fantastic game view. However, several stadiums have managed to employ qualified architects to do the work. They have therefore utilized panache to design arenas that indeed look amazing, as they also accomplish their role to a tee. The following are the most spectacular and innovative sports venues both internally and externally:

1. Borisov Arena

Borisov Arena

Borisov arena is the new stadium for BATE Borisov which is a football club in Belarus. From the exterior, the stadium looks like a bird’s nest with a lot of spots all around. The stadium was designed by OFIS Arhitekti company based in Slovenia meet the needs of UEFA. It has a capacity of the 13,000 people.
This arena is primarily draped in aluminum and tends to imitate the constructions of living cells in the interior. Spongy perforations highlight the cell-like structure. The stadium is given a living appearance by being covered by a skin-like fabric that covers its dome.

2. The Soccer City Johannesburg

The soccer city arena was constructed o primarily host the FIFA world cup in 2010. It was the very first time when such an event had occurred in Africa. The stadium which was built by Populous portrays a new state of the art arena that acts as a symbol for the modern culture of Africans. It was also aimed at meeting the requirements of FIFA.
The frontage is made up of a cladding system which is specially designed and developed in the form of fiber-cement panels. The pot is also fitted with open panels that offer natural ventilation as well as mimicking the starlit African sky when the arena is lit up.

3. Astana Arena

astana arena

Astana arena is the home to Astana football club in Kazakhstan. The stadium is designed with a retractable roof which can withstand a snow layer which is twice as thick as most angles of the globe. This is because; the Astana city is one of the coldest towns in the world.

The stadium which was built with architecture Kurokawa is made up of aluminum honeycomb panels. This is aimed at providing the stadium with a softly hewn and organic as well as an aesthetic quality.

4. Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

Allianz arena hosts Bayern Munich which is one of the most famous football clubs in Europe. The club has a color altering faced which as lately served as a tourism site. The stadium appears as an illuminated object which is capable of changing its appearance. The interior of the arena is crater-like, hence lending it very distinctive characteristics from other stadia.

5. The London Aquatics Centre

London Aquatics Center

The stadium was majorly designed for the Olympic Games in London in 2012 by Zaha Hadid, a British architecture. It was designed in the form of the Olympic park’s river landscape. Externally, the undulating roof of this stadium seems to sweep up as a wave from the ground. The roof encloses the central pools with its significantly unifying gesture.

With the world cup presently seen to obsess much of the globe, most of the people have turned their focus on the design of sports arenas. The manner in which the above stadiums are building is very innovative and attractive, making them one of the best worldwide.

The Major Changes going on in Canada

This year in Canada, there have been several changes that are sure to affect the lives and living of people in the country. It is generally believed that every regulation and policy implemented is done with the people in mind.

However, in reality, it does not always become so. Sometimes, it turns out that the regulations are primarily to benefit a wealthy minority. Sometimes, it turns out that these regulations and policies benefit the masses. Sometimes, however, the policies and regulations implemented are genuinely intended to favor the citizens, but they turn out to be disadvantageous to the very citizens they seek to aid. Time will tell if the policies and regulations implemented in 2018 will be of advantage or disadvantage to the people of Canada.

Some of such policies and regulations implemented in 2018 include:

Marijuana Legalization

There has been a loud call for Marijuana legalization in Canada over the years. However, it was legalized on October 17, 2018.

However, it can only be legally sold to people over eighteen years of age. Provinces can set their minimum age requirements for marijuana usage.

Provinces also have to figure out how to sell and regulate marijuana. Under the new federal legislation, the limit a person of legal age can possess when it comes to marijuana is thirty grams or its equivalent in dried form. However, this new liberty comes with harsh sanctions such as a fourteen years sentence for anyone found guilty of selling to a minor.

Marijuana Legalization may be a good thing as it increases liberty. It could also be a bad thing if it promotes abuse and dependency on these drugs. It could become a negative change crime rate increases as a result of the new found liberty to use Cannabis for recreational purposes. Only time will tell if the legalization of Marijuana was the right move.

Small-business tax changes

Beginning from January 1, 2018, Ottawa began to follow stricter measures in making sure that small-business owners are not cheating the government out of its money. Already, small-business owners can reduce the tax load on them by sharing their income with family members in a process known as ncome sprinkling’.

However, the rules are now more rigid as the Department of Finance insists that tests will be carried out to make sure that benefitting family members have made a significant contribution to the family businesses, and are not just fronts to hide money from the government. This might be a good plan to help the government monitor taxes, especially as there are well-defined parameters for measuring ignificant contribution’.

Employment Law Changes

There have been a series of employment law changes across Canada. In Ontario for instance, the minimum wage was hiked from $11.60 per hour to $15 per hour. Other new regulations include the three weeks of paid vacation for employees who have worked with a company for five years.

These changes are done with a view to better the lives of citizens, but time will tell if these policies and regulations are the right moves.

The Civil liberties American Citizens Have Lost in the Past Two Decades

The United States of America is believed to be the most civilized nation in the world. In political, economic and military circles, none of the other countries can compete effectively with the USA at present. The destruction of the former the Soviet Union helped the country to become an unquestionable leader in global politics, economics and military affairs. Although the USA is one of the strongest and most civilized countries in the world, the civil liberties enjoyed by its citizens at present are less compared to that in some other civilized countries. The 9/11 attack on the USA by Al-Qaeda proved the vulnerabilities in the security matters of the country. The country forced to enforce many restrictions on civil life because of the aforementioned attack. Apart from the 9/11 attack, some of the other factors which contributed to the unrest in the country are the drug war and right – left clashes.

The USA forced to declare war on terror immediately after the 9/11 incident. Until this incident, the country was not much bothered by the occasional terrorist incidents that took place in different parts of the world. However, this attack acted as an eye opener for the USA. The country has identified the loopholes in its security policies. Increased threats from terrorists forced the country to strengthen its surveillance measures in one way or another. The monitoring of the activities of the people in the country started immediately after the 9/11 incident. The government justifies such actions in the name of national security. Without surveillance, security agencies cannot collect vital information necessary for developing suitable strategies for the prevention of criminal activities. Security agencies know that every crime or terrorist activity that happens in the country will increase the number of questions raised against them. They are accountable for all such questions. If they fail to carry out their duties, people will complain about the inefficiency of security agencies. Therefore, it is necessary for them to collect intelligence from all possible sources in order to defeat the efforts of the criminals, terrorists, and other antisocial elements.

The increasing number of drug addicts is another major worry for the USA. According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the United States of America spends around $193 billion for the treatment and rehabilitation of the drug addicts in the country. In the form of drug misuse related crimes and work productivity loss, the country faces further economic damages. Although drug abuse creates different types of problems in a country, family, and the society, the major problem seems to be the drug addiction among teenagers. All these factors forced the country to put some restrictions on civil liberties and thereby reduce the illegal drug use in the country.

The increasing clashes between the right-left ideologies is another matter of concern for the USA. The ideologies of the left-wing politics and right-wing politics travel in opposite directions. For example, leftists support things like abortion, same sex marriage etc. On the other hand, right-wing politics oppose all these things. In other words, leftists like Democrats are more liberal in their attitudes towards modern lifestyles and they accept all types of changes wholeheartedly. On the other hand, right-wing politicians such as the Republicans will never accept those things which are against the existing traditions. The recent election victories of Barrack Obama and Donald Trump prove that the Americans are ready to support both left and right wing politics. However, it should not be forgotten that far left ideologies and far right ideologies are just like day and night. They will never reach a consensus on any issues because of the extreme differences in their ideologies.

To conclude, the civil liberties in the USA are getting reduced at present because of various reasons and it looks like the history is repeating itself.


The New York Times. 19 December 2013.

Popular Mediterranean Restaurants

La Goelette Plus

La Goelette Plus is a popular Mediterranean restaurant in Montreal. Founded in 1980, La Goelette is a popular spot on St-Laurent Boulevard. This restaurant occupies a good position among the other best-known restaurants in Montreal. His specialties are fresh and high quality food.

Not only seafood delicacies, there are other delicious cuisines that add a great feeling and flavor. If you want to try something fresh and unique then La Goelette is the place to be. You even get a number of superb delicacies such as black angus beef, milk-fed lamb and a host of other Greek specialties.

Not to mention the extensive wine list of La Goelette Plus. This Montreal restaurant complements your meal and offers a wide selection of fine wines. The list of wines offers you a wide pricing and selection.

This is a great place to guarantee an elegant evening with friends and family. The warm decoration, the professional approach leaves the guests stunned. To enjoy an elegant evening, La Goelette is the perfect choice.

Brown’s Restaurant

Brown’s Restaurant is located on 27-29 Victoria Road, near many Dartmouth vacation rentals. This would be a great place to bring your family and enjoy delicious and freshly prepared Mediterranean dishes. This popular restaurant serves seafood dishes and a wide selection of wines. The extensive wine list includes Mediterranean wines, but also fine wines, tempting cocktails and champagne from all over the world. You can choose from a variety of specialties such as shells and clams in manzanilla, wild salmon, brixham crab, south devon steak, local lamb and seafood paella. The chic place is highly recommended by Olive Magazine in its October 2007 issue and is a popular spot for locals and visitors. It might be a good idea to have cocktails before dinner and drink brandy and coffee at the bar after dinner, which has an impressive pewter top. If you love tapas, Friday night is tapas night and tapas are free if you drink at the bar from 5pm. until 8 pm The restaurant opens at 6 pm. every day.

Ella Grill

If you do not know the true essence of traditional Greek-Mediterranean cuisine then you must visit Ella Grill. Have a great time at this Montreal restaurant. Ella Grill is well known for providing a soothing environment that makes the restaurant a delightful and outstanding restaurant.

The refreshing martini cocktails give a special taste and make your evening in the right spirit. Ella Grill comes with its unique specialties and the handpicked fresh dishes, which are prepared with perfection, fascinate every day.

The Ella Grill serves some of the best appetizers, including grilled oyster mushrooms, marinated octopus, lamb chops, traditional Greek salads. Overall, Ella is a popular restaurant that promises a great environment, food quality and service quality. If you want to have fun and spend time, Ella is the place to spend time.

Sail’s Restaurant

Sails Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant located on 22 South Embankment, just minutes from Dartmouth vacation rentals. It is owned by Chef Wendy Jones and Dougie Hawkins. Only the freshest daily catch of fishermen and the best meats and cheeses of local farmers are used to cook their delicious dishes. The menu includes a variety of dishes that have a modern and Mediterranean touch. These dishes are simply cooked to have the natural, delicious taste that only the freshest ingredients can have. Dine at Sails Restaurant for the best views of the Dart River as you look down the river to the sea. This beautiful view has contributed greatly to the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. That’s why you should dine in the upscale Dartmouth vacation homes when you dine in a place where delicious food, great wine, scenic views and friendly service are combined. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, 19:00. Late into the night.

The 8 Finest Italian Food Recipes

Italian cuisine is very distinct, influencing and shaping tastes in other parts of the world. It finds roots in traditions nearly as ancient as the sun. Italian cuisine has been sliced and chopped by economic and social trends. The recipes have also been seasoned with tastes borrowed from other parts of the world to form new, diverse and palatable cookery. The cookery in Italy consists of pasta, rice dishes, vegetables, fish, sauces, appetizers and desserts among others. Below are the 8 finest Italian food recipes that will bring you to a tasty awakening.

I. Piemonte

This dish comprises of Tajarin pasta, asparagus, hazelnuts and egg yolk. It is simple, light and smooth. Preparation is easy. It involves boiling the asparagus and the pasta separately and buttering it. Egg yolks are delicately simmered on the side and added to the dish by making holes. Next follows hazelnuts and parmesan.

II. Spaghetti Alla Gricia

It comprises of cured pork, pecorino cheese, black pepper, and dried pasta. Fry the pork in hot oil for 10 minutes. Prepare the pasta separately in boiling salty water. After that, put the pork and pasta into one pan, add sauce and boil the mixture for a while. Sprinkle the dish with pepper and pecorino and serve.

III. Focaccia Bread

Fresh dough is covered with caramelized onions, tomato slices, olives, basil leaves and parmesan cheese. After preparing the dough, create small holes in with your fingers. In these spaces add the onions and tomato slices. Similarly, add olives and basil leaves. Bake this new mix in a little under thirty minutes. Serve with Peperonata.

IV. Mushroom Risotto

Nothing tastes as good as Risotto when served with deliciously prepared mushrooms. Saute a mixture of onion and mushrooms in oil and butter until soft. Add rice and wine to the onions and simmer for several minutes. Add one scoop of stock, stir and let it cook for 25 minutes. Turn off the heat, add some salt, parmesan cheese, butter and pepper then serve.

V. Pasta Carbonara

This is a type of Roman pasta dish that was anciently popular with coal miners, hence its name Carbonara (carbon). Cooked perfectly with extra virgin olive oil. You can prepare the pasta with either pig’s cheek or bacon for that matter.

VI. Calabria

It is fundamentally roasted and marinated quail. It makes use of vinegar, virgin oil, paprika, and passito wine. Cover the quail with the spices and grill till it becomes brown. Serve with mashed potatoes. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.


This cuisine comprises of Tuscan bread served with salad. Every chef plays around with their recipes, but what is kept constant is the bread and tomatoes. The tomatoes need to be juicy. The breads is broken into small pieces and stirred into the salad.

VII. Tiramisu – The ‘pick-me-up’ cake

This is a simple recipe that comprises of sponge cake soaked in coffee and covered with a creamy mascarpone mixture. Beat the two egg yolks together in a bowl, add a scoop of sugar and whisk till it becomes light and smooth. Add some vanilla essence onto the mascarpone cheese. Prepare a cup of strong black coffee, add to brandy and stir. Dip the sponge cake into this coffee and brandy liquid. Let the cake absorb the cocktail, remove and arrange in layers on a dish. Top with mascarpone cheese. Put the Tiramisu in a fridge for 4 hours, dust it with cocoa and serve.

VIII. Bruschetta

This is a simple meal comprising of sliced bread covered with different toppings. The preferable toppings are tomato basil and mushroom garlic.

Today Italian food is global, and everyone is obsessed with it. The above simple recipes will enable you to treat your guests or family to mouthwatering Italian dishes.

How much have renewable energy helped reduce worldwide pollution?

Environmental pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the environment that leads to adverse effects and changes. Environmental pollution has become an issue of serious international concern since industrial revolution started and a lot has been done in order to help curb this problem as in trying to control the issue itself; we will try look at how renewable energy, green sector, drones and teslas help reduce worldwide environmental pollution.

How renewable energy help reduce worldwide pollution

Renewable energy does not require burning to take place, this therefore means there is very less carbon that is emitted to the air thus this help reduce air pollution. Air pollution has been linked to various medical issues like brain damage, heart, heart attacks and cancer. The use of renewable energy like the solar energy produced by sunlight, wind power generated from the wind, hydroelectric power from water, geothermal energy from renewable
heat from the earth and Biomass or bioenergy from plant material and animal waste has provided alternative sources of energy thus help reduce environmental pollution.

How the green sector help reduce worldwide pollution

The green sector has helped reduce pollution through creation of green finance that helps reduce pollution by boosting industrial upgrading. This green finance helps increase the financial support towards improving
ecology and boosting an efficient utilization of resources. This in short means that there will be financial service that will increase investment and financing, project operation as well as risk management in fields like energy conservation, environmental protection, clean energy green transport and buildings. This initiative will help create a green and clean environment which therefore helps reduce worldwide pollution.

How drones help reduce worldwide pollution

Drones are historically used in military operation and this made them earn their spot in the mainstream. Drones have now been used in environmental monitoring for example agricultural industry. In agriculture drones have been used to collect data that is used to increase arable farming thus reduce unnecessary use of fertilizers and pesticides that used to pollute the environment. They are also used to defy barriers and obtain critical information that is needed to help in wildlife where this drones are just and they move around and help detect and reduce illegal dealings in the park.

How tesla help reduce worldwide pollution

Tesla is producing a car model that is environmentally friendly and zero emission electric vehicle that will not pollute the air like these gas powered cars we use. The carbon that is emitted from the gas powered cars has been seen to cause dangerous impact on global warming. The cars tailpipe is harmful to the society thus leads to adverse pollution of environment. Electric car produced by tesla is becoming an alternative means of transport that does not release any harmful gas to the environment thus this help reduce air pollution which is one of the most registered kind of environmental pollution.

Having looked at these we are able to see that the above named alternatives if they are put in action will help curb environmental pollution which is becoming a major problem in the world today. This therefore means our industries should consider this alternative to help control, prevent and reduce worldwide pollution

How will Translation Gadgets Shape the Future?

It has been a long time since when a specialized individual was required to interpret the communication between two people of diverse language backgrounds. The technological advancements simplified the process of interpretation with the introduction of various useful gadgets. Through the course of time and the emergence of globalization phenomenon, the human communication is no more restricted to the same language speaking individuals or companies.

Communication across different languages also opened the door of opportunities for the traders and businessmen to expand their businesses in the regions having a language barrier. Therefore, in order to meet the challenging communication needs, various entities emerged offering the interpretation services through humans as well as digital platforms. Pertinently, the focus is on the digital side of interpretation services including gadgets, applications, and other tools to run on different operating systems.

Before going into the implications of adopting the translation gadgets, let us first dig out the advantages hidden in these technological advancements or interpretation services.

Developments in introducing gadgets and application services

Different types of services are available in the digital world which can help in translating and interpreting the meaning of one language to another. The services are offered on the web-based platform like Google Translate or other websites. Not only on web, software experts have also developed many translations oriented applications which are run on PCs, Laptops, and other cellular gadgets. The translation services are so common that the teachers of cross-cultural schools also use to rely on these platforms to communicate and understand the language of children.

There are other smartphone apps available in the digital market being used for the interpretation purposes. Example of Israel can be quoted where a phone-based translation service was introduced named Lexifone. Another mobile translation app with the name of Voice Tra is aimed to facilitate the next international Olympic event with the powerful translation service in twenty-seven languages.

Apart from the apps and translation services, some tech companies even launched their pocket-size gadgets to carry or to wear in ears. One such device is the Pilot earpiece, if placed inside the ear, can translate the unfamiliar language it hears into the native language of the wearer. A Japanese device Ili has gone far ahead of other such devices. Ili is a pocket size small gadget through which you can translate your voice into the voice of a preset language. There are lot more gadgets available which facilitate the users in their language barriers.

The dilemma, causing complications

Despite the usefulness of technological advancements in translation services, the risk of miscommunication still prevails, rather is increased. All of the above-discussed gadgets and translation applications are undoubtedly design with utmost technological expertise. But there is still a huge gap that needs to be filled before completely relying on these tech helpers. The biggest flaw of such technology is the lack of ability to choose the appropriate word having the same meaning as was intended by the speaker.

Only humans can understand the natural context of another human in which he/she has said a word or sentence. Most of the time, we do not mean to say what we actually speak. This issue is obviously far away to be covered by the technological advancements. Another limitation of digital translation is its inability to translate the verses of poetry as per the original context in which these were said.

Conclusively, the future of human role in interpretation and translation services are although at risk but cannot be perceived as eliminated. Unless science acquires an advanced level of artificial intelligence, the role and significance of humans will persist.


Can Technology Replace Human Interpreters?