Cool Cakes Designs in 2021

Cake designs continue to become more and more complex and creative with each passing year. They are no longer just tasty desserts but can also become an expression of a person’s interests or artistic ability. Take a look at some of these eye-catching cake designs that will leave your mouth watering.

Harry Potter I

This is the perfect cake for the Harry Potter fan in your life. The cake shows the black cloak most students at Hogwarts wear along with the famous red and yellow Gryffindor colors Harry and his friends are known to wear. Along with these are the Golden Snitch and Harry’s round glasses. Your Harry Potter fan will enjoy the attention to detail in this cake and love the classic Harry Potter font used to write out the message.

Baby Unicorn Hot Air Balloon

Know someone who appreciates all things cute? Look no further than this cake featuring a baby unicorn in a hot air balloon surrounded by clouds and colorful stars. This cute cake comes with a rainbow on the front so it really seems as if the unicorn is in the sky. It also comes atop a cake board where the desired message is displayed in colorful frosted lettering.

Fire Fighters

This is the perfect cake to give to anyone who loves firefighters. The cake is tall with a firefighter’s ladder extending up the side. At the top stand two firefighters in blue coats and yellow pants along with some flames. Behind them is a classic red fire truck. The firefighters can be made out of fondant which makes them edible. Also, the front of the cake is where the recipient’s name can go. It is put against a frosted backplate that is reminiscent of a fire station sign. The cake sits atop a cake board where the selected message is displayed.

Blue Label Cake

If you know someone who enjoys Blue Label, they will appreciate this cake. It is a replica of a sturdy Blue Label beer barrel that has the top exposed. At the top, the foam has been recreated which holds up the numbers you want to display on the cake. The cake board below the cake is also unique. It resembles wood which gives the whole cake a rustic look. On this cake board is where the message is written out in lettering that stands upright.

Dinosaur Forest

This cake is great for people who love dinosaurs. It is a stacked cake which means a tower sits atop another tower. The base tower can be four or six inches while the top tower can be six or eight inches. There is a green dinosaur at the top of the cake and a blue dinosaur that sits on the cake board. The dinosaurs are surrounded by vegetation including two large jungle trees. On the top tower is where the name and number are found. They sit atop frosting made to look like wood which plays into the pre-historic theme of the cake. Best yet, you can get cake delivery without the hassle of ever leaving your place to get it!