Cool Gadgets You Should Take During Your Next Travels

Traveling can be a fun time if you are prepared. From packing your clothes to boarding your plane or bus you need to account for everything that could go wrong and right. But do not forget to pack gadgets that can make your traveling life easier and more fun.


Modobag is hand luggage that you sit on and drive through the airport or in the town instead of walking. If you do not want to drive it you can still use it like any other, normal hand luggage but after a long day of traveling and you still have one more stop to go to you can take a seat on your Modobag and drive it to your next location.

It is designed to give your legs a rest as well as to decrease walking time but you can still squeeze in a bit of exercise if you want because it is changeable. Alternately you can just use it as a comfortable chair while you wait for your plane to board/ arrive. It has side pockets to quickly access your passport and other important documents or to keep your tablet, phone to listen to music. It may be experience but it offers a lot and you can view it as an investment.

Iain Sinclair Cardsharp Credit Card Sized Folding Knives

Many people like to have Swiss Army Knives in case they need to cut something or to do other things such as opening a bottle etc. Although a credit card sized folding knife does not have as many features as a Swiss Army Knife it is still a useful gadget to have because not everyone uses all the features of a Swiss Army Knife so it is pointless to carry it around if you only use the knife feature. And since it is the size of a card it can easily fit inside your wallet or pocket. The blade pops out instead of slides out like a Swiss Army Knife but a cardsharp comes with a child-proof resistant lock.

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

If you are one of the many people whose feet get cold during air or bus travel then I would suggest in buying a pair of rechargeable heat insoles. These can slide into any type of foot wear and come with a charger so you can charge them while you are sleeping, showering or do not need to wear them. They would be great for skiing and snow hikes plus you never have to take them off. They come with a remote control that has three settings on it. �High’ for walking in the snow, �low’ for just a cold day or while you are traveling on the plane or bus and �no heat’ the reason why you never need to take them off because you can switch off the heat.

Cool gadgets are fun and some of them can be very useful while you are traveling, but look and shop around for interesting ones that are coming out and think what you could benefit you the most.