How much have renewable energy helped reduce worldwide pollution?

Environmental pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the environment that leads to adverse effects and changes. Environmental pollution has become an issue of serious international concern since industrial revolution started and a lot has been done in order to help curb this problem as in trying to control the issue itself; we will try look at how renewable energy, green sector, drones and teslas help reduce worldwide environmental pollution.

How renewable energy help reduce worldwide pollution

Renewable energy does not require burning to take place, this therefore means there is very less carbon that is emitted to the air thus this help reduce air pollution. Air pollution has been linked to various medical issues like brain damage, heart, heart attacks and cancer. The use of renewable energy like the solar energy produced by sunlight, wind power generated from the wind, hydroelectric power from water, geothermal energy from renewable
heat from the earth and Biomass or bioenergy from plant material and animal waste has provided alternative sources of energy thus help reduce environmental pollution.

How the green sector help reduce worldwide pollution

The green sector has helped reduce pollution through creation of green finance that helps reduce pollution by boosting industrial upgrading. This green finance helps increase the financial support towards improving
ecology and boosting an efficient utilization of resources. This in short means that there will be financial service that will increase investment and financing, project operation as well as risk management in fields like energy conservation, environmental protection, clean energy green transport and buildings. This initiative will help create a green and clean environment which therefore helps reduce worldwide pollution.

How drones help reduce worldwide pollution

Drones are historically used in military operation and this made them earn their spot in the mainstream. Drones have now been used in environmental monitoring for example agricultural industry. In agriculture drones have been used to collect data that is used to increase arable farming thus reduce unnecessary use of fertilizers and pesticides that used to pollute the environment. They are also used to defy barriers and obtain critical information that is needed to help in wildlife where this drones are just and they move around and help detect and reduce illegal dealings in the park.

How tesla help reduce worldwide pollution

Tesla is producing a car model that is environmentally friendly and zero emission electric vehicle that will not pollute the air like these gas powered cars we use. The carbon that is emitted from the gas powered cars has been seen to cause dangerous impact on global warming. The cars tailpipe is harmful to the society thus leads to adverse pollution of environment. Electric car produced by tesla is becoming an alternative means of transport that does not release any harmful gas to the environment thus this help reduce air pollution which is one of the most registered kind of environmental pollution.

Having looked at these we are able to see that the above named alternatives if they are put in action will help curb environmental pollution which is becoming a major problem in the world today. This therefore means our industries should consider this alternative to help control, prevent and reduce worldwide pollution