Tricks on your Android that you do not know

Smartphones are perhaps the best innovation that has become human’s favorite. Nowadays, manufacturers are competing through addition of features to phones. These many features require an android version that will have speed and enough memory to enable them run smoothly. All applications compatible with a Smartphone are useful to the user.

Although the phone manual describes how to use important features, 90% of android owners utilize less the 40% of the applications. However, most of these features make the phone more interesting, if only you know how to use them effectively. The value of a phone depends on the number of features and applications it has. Here are wonderful tricks that these applications can do:

Security camera

The IP webcam application turns an android phone to an IP webcam that you can use to trace what is going on at your house. The trick requires two phones one for surveillance and the one you will carry. The phone cameras act as the window pc and it is a cheap but effective security management system.

Wi-Fi tricks

Tracing hidden Wi-Fi signal

Using your favorite App store, install the inSSIDer application on your android. This feature allows you to access locked Wi-Fi signal and information.

Wireless files transfer

When you require transferring files and documents from your phone to a laptop, you do not require using a cable. The Airdroid app allows use of Wi-Fi wireless network to connect to any window pc. The size of the file is unlimited while using this app.

Tracking unauthorized Wi-Fi users

The Wi-Fi is usually open and people may take advantage of this. The Fing application allows access to all addresses connected to your signal.

Windows PC and phone connection

If you want to watch a file from your PC using a Smartphone, download and install the Splashtop 2 application. The features connect all the apps including Game plays on your phone and they work with enough speed.

In addition, you can make an exact reflection of your Smartphone display screen on your PC. The All Cast and Teamviewer Quicksupport applications have features and themes to allow this. It is time you leave cables for charging purposes only.

Medical purpose

Our heart rates have some aspect in the overall health and body fitness. It is possible to carry out heart beat rates using your android phone. The Instant Heart Rate application has features that measure the exact pulse rates. Place the middle finger on the phone camera and watch your pulse rates.

Camera to calculator

It is possible to have rapid mathematical problems solutions using a Photomath application. With the application activated, a snap of an arithmetic sum will automatically have a correct solution. It is a very useful feature for students who require quick answers.

Optimizing the Smartphone’

The operating software affects the speed of the phone. Kali Linux software is a perfect OS that is accessible from the App store. Depending on the phone’s android version, there will be specific instructions that will help optimize the phone OS.

In addition to a fast OS, it is possible to bypass the screen lock and retain all your data. However, this is specific for the different brands and you require having specific Brand information. It is time you made your Smartphone interesting using these tricks.