Upcoming BMW Models Blend Efficiency with Classic Sporting Power

BMW is a company that has always led the pack when it comes to innovative automobiles. From their early advancements in safety and mass production, to success in Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, BMW is a brand that commands respect in the industry, and appeal from the buying public.

Looking ahead to what BMW will bring in the near future, is always interesting. In the past, BMW has been known for luxury, power, and an exciting driving experience. Today, they are diversifying, especially into green vehicles with small carbon footprints. This doesn’t mean that enthusiasts need to worry that BMW is going ‘soft’. Their future portfolio will include advanced electric cars, but they are still heavily invested in the internal combustion engine.


The BMW 330e

The ‘e’ in the model name should give something away about this vehicle. The 3 series is a line of award winning cars from BMW. They have bridged the gap between affordability and luxury, but they haven’t exactly been showcase models to display the best of what BMW can do. With the 330e, that will all change. This model will be a hybrid saloon car that makes the best of a gasoline engine, along with a rechargeable electric motor.

When it comes to power, the figures are impressive. The combination of the engine and motor will produce almost 250hp, with a respectable 310 lb-ft of torque. This should mean that it is as capable on city roads as it is on the open highway. BMW states that it will be able to do a 0 -60mph sprint in just 5.9 seconds.

Bringing high tech innovation, BMW will offer a smartphone app that can display battery levels remotely, so you could check how much power you have remaining, even from behind your desk. The battery can be recharged from a household power outlet.

The benefit of an electric car is that it can save you money when it comes to gas, while also reducing emissions. The BMW 330e will use its onboard computer to calculate your route and automatically switch between the electric motor and gasoline engine. For city driving, the car will operate almost silently.

To top it off, the interior will feature an interactive display unit which gives graphic energy readouts, detailing consumption, and remaining energy store.


The Upcoming BMW M2

Proving that they haven’t abandoned the high performance segment of the market, BMW plans to release the all new M2. Set to replace the 1M coupe, the M2 will provide head turning looks, exciting driving, and 365 horsepower from an engine that will take the car from 0 – 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Showing that they have enthusiasts in mind, the M2 will come with a 6 speed manual gearbox, which is something that many drivers have missed on modern cars. All the components on the vehicle have been designed to be lightweight, which improves efficiency. This might be a high performance, gasoline engine vehicle, but it doesn’t mean that BMW isn’t committed to reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

The Future of BMW is Bright

Whether you’re a performance enthusiast who wants a luxury European car with sporty styling and handling, or you need a more sensible family saloon with hybrid electric technology, BMW will have you covered in the near future. Their approach to new vehicle design is the perfect compromise between an industry that is shifting towards alternate power methods, and a market that still demands classic BMW performance.