What does the success of SpaceX mean overall

SpaceX has encountered a lot of successes ever since it was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. Its sole mission is to minimize the cost of transportation that will enable humans to colonize Mars. There are a lot of achievements that SpaceX has done through the course of the years. One of the SpaceX achievements is that they launched liquid-propellant rocket in to the orbit way back 2008, and the rocket was named Falcon 1. After that, they were the first ever private company to successfully recover a spacecraft in 2010. They’ve also been classified as the first private company to send a spacecraft in to the International Space Station. SpaceX has flown a total of 20 resupply missions to help The International Space Station out, but of course, this is with the help of NASA. Another achievement of SpaceX is that they are the first ever private company to send an object to orbit around the Sun in 2018 and the list will goes on and on.

In September of 2016, Elon Musk revealed The Interplanetary Transport System named Starship, a privately funded launch system, that will develop spaceflight technology to enable interplanetary travels. In the following year, Musk revealed an updated configuration of Starship, as it will now be the primary SpaceX orbital vehicle after the late 2020s, as SpaceX announced they will replace the existing falcon 9 launch vehicles and Dragon capsules with Starship. Starship is designed to be reusable and it will be the largest rocket ever on its launch that is scheduled in early 2020.

The success of SpaceX means that they are capable of sending humans to space, especially with the goal of providing transport when the time has come to colonize Mars. Every manned aircraft that is sent to space by SpaceX is a step closer to achieving its sole purpose. Technological advancement is what SpaceX has proved as SpaceX announced that they will be making satellites that will cover up the world like constellations. Through Starlink, these satellites will provide internet access to everyone here on earth the access will even reach to some remote areas that a normal internet service provider cannot reach. SpaceX is headquartered on Hawthorn, California, and it also serves as their manufacturing plant. They also have a research and major operations in Redmond, Washington, and they own a test site in Texas.

In conclusion, SpaceX is just one of the many technological advancements that’s happening as of now. Over the years, it’s the kind of innovation that has been proven to be efficient and life-changing. With its ability to send individuals to space, SpaceX continues to astound NASA in terms of its contributution to space exploration. It’s had a successful reputation over the years, and individuals continue to be amazed by scientific advancements such as this. Colonizing Mars has been one of the talks of scientists around the world. Time will come that the Earth’s resources will come to a halt and we need to move out of here. In times where populations are inflating on a high scale, the idea of moving to Mars is becoming more reasonable. That’s why SpaceX was made- that is its sole purpose- to help the existing people move to Mars when the time has come.