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Journey to Planet Mars: The Obstacles Elon Musk Must Overcome to Realize his Plan

For a long time now, life on a different planet other than Earth has only been what the Silver Screens, science fiction books and comic strips can offer. But Alas! Finally, that dream of invading one of the habitable planets and probably start life a fresh- planet Mars, is almost coming to a reality, thanks to Elon Musk’s plan. As the current Chief of Executive of SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity, he has formulated a plan to transport at least 1000 people per launch and 100 per rocket to mars. The plan also targets at least one million people by the end of first round of the trips. It sounds like a brilliant idea, right? Well, it would be, but Musk will have to overcome a few obstacles before starting life on Mars.


Every project requires a certain amount of funds to run, but project “Colonize Planet Mars” is not the regular level of projects that need a few millions of dollars. SpaceX, a Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, an aerospace manufacturer, and space transport services Company, has estimated the total cost to Musk’s plan to be a whopping 10 billion dollars. That figure is also what Musk himself has declared to be a main challenge for his endeavor.

In sacrificial efforts, but which can only be compared to a drop in the ocean, SpaceX has devoted nearly 5%, which amounts to several tens of millions of dollars, of its assets to the interplanetary transport system. Considering also that the Congress is yet to pledge any funding to this project, it is unclear how Musk will mobilize funding to the project.

Giant Rockets Needed

To transport at least 100 people per spaceship, an ideal rocket booster size will have to measure about 254 feet tall and 39 feet in diameter. That size, combined with a nearly 400 feet tall spaceship, would appear as a giant to the revered Saturn V. But that is not the problem, as it has not been determined how that machine will be airlifted from the ground. Estimated to require four times as much thrust as that of the biggest rocket that ever existed- the Saturn V, critical speculations have that it will be too big a challenge for Musk to sustain.

Safety during Transportation and on Mars

Considering it is a bigger and never-before venture, it is still questionable how the safety of the 100 people in every rocket will be maintained, and how they will be protected from the higher radiation on Mars. Although Musk has proposed some system of shielding using artificial magnetic field, it is not yet clear how he will go about that, at least within the shortest time.

Manufacturing Plants in Mars?

Well, Musk could not only be the man behind the company that explores the highest places, he also happens to be the person having the highest level of imagination. His idea to make the transportation efficient by setting a carbon dioxide and oxygen liquid plant in Mars to provide alternative energy for the rocket engines is sure one of those. However, Musk is yet to explain in detail how that plant will be established, and most importantly, where it will obtain some of its vital resources, such as water, which is rare in Mars and only exists as ice, not forgetting the process of converting that into fuel.

3 Gadgets you should avoid in 2017 and good reasons why is not good idea to use it

When we talk about gadgets, you want them to be helpful to you and to full fill most of the promises. Those what are not useful can least be fun, but what when you buy a gadget what is not fun or useful, and most of all, it doesn’t full fill any of your expectations? Those gadgets people really need to avoid. It will cost you money and your nerves, so it really doesn’t worth it. No one needs to spend money on junk, so that is why we make a list of gadgets you should avoid in 2017.

1. Hoverboards

This is something what no one really needs. If you can walk somewhere then do that. With Hoverboard anyone will not be quicker and it is just something what looks cool like it came from ‘Back to do future’ but it doesn’t have any useful function. Today people already don’t do enough physical activities, so it is not really good idea to avoid walking on short distance. It is healthier and you will feel much better when you walk than when you standing on the board and waiting when you will get there. One more problem is that those boards really not secure, not only because bad technical solutions (that can actually burn under your legs) than also because people don’t pay enough attention to a traffic or to anything around, so smaller accidents with this gadget are more than often thing. We don’t really want to know how bad things can happen when you going on the other side of the road on your hoverboard and typing on your phone.

2. Griffin BreakSafe

This gadget is one more great idea with a disappointing result. This look like the really safe way to disconnect your charger and to avoid many brakes what can happen because of quick unplugging chargers of your phones. That goal is made successful, but somewhere they lose a prime task of chargers, they should charge your phone. Here you will safely disconnect it off your phone, but it is really hard to charge it with this gadget. It is almost impossible to charge your phone well, because of weak magnets you always need to be careful will it separate and stop charging. That is how you losing much time to check your battery and is it still connected, and despite that, there is still huge possibility that you will not charge it well. It just doesn’t worth no your time, no money.

3. Galaxy Note 7

One more thing what can explode while you using it. It was promising phone with great features, but all those features don’t worth of losing your ear or finger. It is unsafe, and you don’t need it. On today’s market for that price you can find a lot of smartphones with great features but without a possibility of exploding in your arms. This is definitely the gadget you need to avoid in 2017 and always, actually.

Today market is full of gadgets whit many fun and useful functions and without explosive effects. Gadgets you can count on that it will do their work well. That is why this 3 you need to avoid are not so big problem, just choose one what will full fill your expectations.

4 Innovative Gadgets or Technologies Coming Out That Are Changing Lives

Gadgets come and go, but some of them remain in our hearts and mind. That is the reason why we need to learn more about what is happening in the world of gadgets. We will let you know more about 4 innovative gadgets or technologies coming out that are changing lives.

Toyota Concept-i

The Toyota Concept-I is more than a car that can drive itself, as the machine will work hard to learn about your preferences and stuff like that. The vehicle even includes a smart assistant that will take action based on your suggestions about destinations and so on. There is a lot of artificial intelligence behind this vehicle, and you will truly love this in no time too. The Toyota Concept-I is truly a friendly vehicle that will revolve around you from top to bottom. This is the exciting glimpse at the true future of the automotive industry these days too.

PowerRay Aquatic Drone

The PowerRay aquatic drone is the fisherman`s dream come true, which uses a top-tier sonar system that will detect fish in no time sending images to the end users. The PowerRay aquatic drone`s camera can shoot 12-megapixel stills in any salt or fresh water out there. This underwater drone is just awesome for filmmakers too, as these people will manage to take outstanding pictures under the water. The PowerRay aquatic drone also has a cable that attaches the device to a base station that has just been placed above water, and this keeps the machine from getting lost.

Mattel Aristotle

The Mattel Aristotle is a mix of the famous Amazon Echo and a smart baby monitor, and the device will allow you to perform a wide array of tasks such as buying more diapers and things like that. This gadget will truly understand your kiddos in no time these days. The Mattel Aristotle will answer any of your questions, and it might even answer the questions of your kids as well. If you have issues soothing your baby so that he or she can go back to sleep, the Mattel Aristotle can do this job pretty well too.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo will be the closest stuff that you will ever have to the famous Star Trek computer right at home. This machine will be a love at first sight, and this is not an exaggeration at all. The Amazon Echo will even hear your voice when the music is just playing loudly, which is truly awesome for any user out there. This hands-free speaker will be controlled by your voice in no time too, and it will connect the famous Alexa Voice Service just to play music, provide news, information, weather, and so forth whenever you want to.

These gadgets will be in our imagination and words for a long time, and this is just a glimpse at the things they can do these days. You will be better off knowing more about them because these gadgets might change your life for the better in the future as well. So take your time and have fun with these amazing toys these days too.

Upcoming travel tech you should know

For those of you who love traveling, worry no more. The emergence of luxurious cars and mobile technology has revolutionized travelling for good. For those who love travelling by road here is the upcoming technology to watch

Among some of the greatest Chrysler cars available, lies the concoction of American designs and the German minds is none other than the latest upcoming model of Chrysler cars. With the power of V-8, 3.2 liter engine that produces 215 horse power and 229 pound of torque on the rear wheel, connected to a manual six speed transmission and optional automatic transmission features makes it power train perfect and this is one car that you would want to own in your life.

The result of a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler, The latest upcoming models are undoubtedly ready to leave its mark as the first choice of people who like to drive in luxury. The Electronic shift transfer and the Dual Wheel drive is the added innovative feature that increases the functionality of Chrysler cars and makes it even more desirable. The new models of the Chrysler cars are designed with different shaded interiors to suit the style and preferences of people who love to drive it. Available in innovative designs, the latest models of the Chrysler cars are really a surprise package that will make you look in awe at its innovative features and efficient functionality.

The innovative hybrid feature of the Chrysler cars gives the car more than one source of power. This helps in increasing the average gas mileage and reducing tailpipe emissions which will turn out to be the intelligent choice of people who want to live in a greener world and the Chrysler cars qualify for clean vehicles. The hybrid and aerodynamic feature of these cars can make it cover a good mileage on the highway and the low rolling resistant tires can even rid over tougher roads.

The Multi Displacement system is another added feature of the upcoming remarkable model as it helps to provide effective usage of fuel. The Sirius satellite radio and the full screen navigation radio provides you step by step guidelines so that you can navigate your car with ease and reach your destination without getting lost in the way.

The designs and models of the upcoming models of Chrysler cars are designed with the best innovative features that offer you the ultimate in luxury driving. The reclining seat gives you more space to keep your luggage and travel in utmost luxury.

The interior of the Chrysler model blends with the elegant interior and exterior, stain metallic metal finish and the wood grain trimmings on the dashboards and the center console adds to its elegance Plus the use of Yes essential fabrics for the interior upholstery that can even resist stains and odors makes your Chrysler look spotlessly clean. The best thing is that you can also get leather trimmings customized according to your preference

No other brand of cars can match the unbeatable comfort and luxury that the new models of Chrysler car are ready to offer you. Chrysler Company has a bright future as it tries to offer its customers simply the best and with the invention of a new application each day there sure are more technologies that will make your Chrysler cars the ultimate safe, green and luxury options.

Cool Gadgets You Should Take During Your Next Travels

Traveling can be a fun time if you are prepared. From packing your clothes to boarding your plane or bus you need to account for everything that could go wrong and right. But do not forget to pack gadgets that can make your traveling life easier and more fun.


Modobag is hand luggage that you sit on and drive through the airport or in the town instead of walking. If you do not want to drive it you can still use it like any other, normal hand luggage but after a long day of traveling and you still have one more stop to go to you can take a seat on your Modobag and drive it to your next location.

It is designed to give your legs a rest as well as to decrease walking time but you can still squeeze in a bit of exercise if you want because it is changeable. Alternately you can just use it as a comfortable chair while you wait for your plane to board/ arrive. It has side pockets to quickly access your passport and other important documents or to keep your tablet, phone to listen to music. It may be experience but it offers a lot and you can view it as an investment.

Iain Sinclair Cardsharp Credit Card Sized Folding Knives

Many people like to have Swiss Army Knives in case they need to cut something or to do other things such as opening a bottle etc. Although a credit card sized folding knife does not have as many features as a Swiss Army Knife it is still a useful gadget to have because not everyone uses all the features of a Swiss Army Knife so it is pointless to carry it around if you only use the knife feature. And since it is the size of a card it can easily fit inside your wallet or pocket. The blade pops out instead of slides out like a Swiss Army Knife but a cardsharp comes with a child-proof resistant lock.

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

If you are one of the many people whose feet get cold during air or bus travel then I would suggest in buying a pair of rechargeable heat insoles. These can slide into any type of foot wear and come with a charger so you can charge them while you are sleeping, showering or do not need to wear them. They would be great for skiing and snow hikes plus you never have to take them off. They come with a remote control that has three settings on it. �High’ for walking in the snow, �low’ for just a cold day or while you are traveling on the plane or bus and �no heat’ the reason why you never need to take them off because you can switch off the heat.

Cool gadgets are fun and some of them can be very useful while you are traveling, but look and shop around for interesting ones that are coming out and think what you could benefit you the most.

8 Cool Tech Gadgets You Don’t Know About


As 2016 comes to an end, most of the big companies have already dropped their wearables in the market like Apple Watch 2, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear S2, but the greatest innovations are yet to come.

Following is the list of wearable technologies that are about to hit the market:

§ Microsoft HoloLens (ETA – late 2016)

This upcoming augmented reality headset from Microsoft is the most anticipated technology till date. It does not have a fixed release date yet. This technology uses a depth camera which tracks your head and hand gestures and overlays holograms, blending them into real environment. These can be fixed at one place and you can walk around them, and you can manipulate them as though they are real 3D objects. Microsoft is now having developers and creators to develop games and apps for the headset, and Minecraft, which now it owns, is one of them and is expected to be a big hit.

§ Project Aura (ETA – 2017)

Not much people know about this wearable as it didn’t get as much attention, but it is confirmed. It is based on the concept on Google Glass, but it will be designed for the workplace and will be enterprise focused. It will be waterproof, and you can fold it up and keep it in your pocket. It is durable and has improved battery life and wearers can stream video apps and much more.

§ Magic Leap (ETA – 2016)

This is another AR just like the Microsoft HoloLens, but it’s not sure yet. It has raised over $1 billion in funding and is in talks. They also release a teaser video every couple of months.

§ Blocks (ETA – December 2016)

This is a modular smartwatch, one you’d want to get your hands on. The Blocks smartwatch has a 1.4 inch 400×400 AMOLED display and runs Android Marshmallow. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor with 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM.

§ HTC/Under Armour (ETA unknown)

The smartwatch from HTC was going to be launched in April 2016 but got postponed and as of yet, the release date is not known. It is rumored that it has an all-round display with a 360×360 resolution.

§ Xiaomi Smartwatch (ETA unknown)

The Amazfit Watch from Xiaomi has its own custom OS, and works with Android devices. You need to have the Mii Fit app on your Android smartphone. It is a fitness-focused affordable smartwatch.

§ Asus ZenWatch 3 (ETA – November 2016)

The latest smartwatch from Asus has a 1.39 inch 400×400 AMOLED display and comes in three different colors. It runs Android OS and is quite expensive.

§ Pebble Time 2 (ETA – November 2016)

It is a professional smartwatch and has an e-paper 228×200 1.5-inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and is mostly made of stainless steel with a silicon strap. It has an inbuilt microphone for voice notes. It works with both Apple and Android devices but doesn’t have any GPS or Wi-Fi support. It also monitors heart rate and is embedded with ARM Cortex M7 processor. It has its own custom Pebble OS.

§ Samsung Gear 3 (ETA – November 2016)

The third smartwatch from Samsung has a 1.3-inch 360×360 super AMOLED screen with a 46mm body. It comes with a GPS, barometer, altimeter and speedometer to measure heart rate. It comes in two different colors. It’s release date and price are unknown as of yet.

5 Accessories For Traveling That Make It Easy To Carry Gadgets And Everything

There are so many things about traveling that can cause stress, which sometimes we wonder why we bother leaving the house at all. For one thing, there’s the packing. Stressing about whether or not there’s room in your suitcase for everything you need on your trip can be a real headache – and if you go over your baggage weight limit, you’ll either have to pay the airline an overabundance baggage expense, or leave a couple of things behind.

Some excellent travel gadgets and accessories can significantly reduce the stress of going on a trip. Taking the right travel accessories with you can make your trip easier, less complex, comfortable too and help you have a happier holiday.

1) Travel Steamer.

Regardless of how you pack, wrinkles happen. When you want to look great, a travel steamer can alter the situation, rapidly remove stubborn, packed-in wrinkles without harming fabrics. A good travel-specific model, for example, Travelon will minimize the space and weight it takes in your luggage.

2) Earplugs.

I never go anywhere without earplugs. Whether you’re on the plane, or in a hotel room, earplugs that block out unfamiliar noises can give you the sleep you need. Foam earplugs are easy to use and surprisingly comfortable and effective they compress to half their size for easy insertion, and then slowly expand to block out noise. Hearos is a good brand that provides 33 dB of noise reduction (the highest available).

3). Travel Charger Adapter

If you rely on cell phones and other gadgets to stay in touch while traveling, the Travel Charger Adapter is probably the most useful travel gadget you will ever own.

The Travel Charger Adaptor combines adapters suitable for use throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Australasia and the Far East, as well as featuring a handy USB control socket for charging MP3 players and other gadgets that you would normally charge through your computer.

4). Trace Me Luggage Tag

One of the things most likely to spoil your holiday is losing your luggage. Spending your entire trip wearing just the clothes you arrived in is painful enough, but knowing you’ll never see your precious suitcase contents again is deeply distressing.

With the Trace Me Luggage Tag, you can greatly reduce the chances of losing your luggage forever. The Trace Me Luggage Tag is strong and durable and contains an individual serial number and 2D bar code, linked for life to your registration details on a secure data storage system used by law enforcement agencies, airport baggage handling organizations and lost property administrations worldwide.

If your luggage goes astray, a straightforward scan of the Trace Me Luggage Tag will identify it as your property. Registering your Trace Me Luggage Tag is brisk and easy to do online, and there are no recurring expenses or subscription charges.

5) Packable Tote Bag.

Plastic shopping bags are ubiquitous in the US (though being phased out in places), but other countries don’t always provide them, or charge extra. Be prepared, and be environmentally friendly too, by bringing your packable tote bag. Tiny when folded, you’ll always have a bag at the ready to hold all your purchases.

6 Cool Phone Hacks You Did not Know

It is virtually impossible to study all the features of your phone, some you will never know about in the entire life of your device, whether Android or an iPhone. I have 3 cool phone hacks for each type for both operating systems.

Three Cool Phone Hacks on Android

1. Remotely Lock your Phone

If you ever lose your phone, the Android Device Manager,available on Google Play, allows you to remotely lock the phone and erase all the data in the phone by remotely performing a Factory Reset.

All you need to do is activate the Device Administrator Settings which allows Android Google Play services to erase all data on the phone, change the screen lock ,and lock the screen.

2. Remotely Control Your Desktop Computer

Control your desktop from anywhere using your Android. You only need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop App on your desktop first and follow the prompts in the interface which will also require you to give permission to your Android device and to create a 6-digt PIN to be used later by the phone, where you will also need to install the software.

Installing the software is even more straightforward on the Android device. Follow all the prompts and enter the PIN you had earlier created on the desktop. Once the app is operational you can now operate your desktop remotely from anywhere.

3. Bypass your Security Code While in a Trusted Location

You can de-activate your security code whenever you are in specified, trusted locations. Therefore, anyone can access your phone without the need for a security code. Obviously, care must be taken to ensure that this feature is not activated in public places.

To activate the feature, go to “Smart Lock” under “Security Settings.”

Under “Smart Lock” you will then be required to specify your “Trusted Places,” which can be home or any other place you deem fit.
Three Cool Phone Hacks on iPhone
1. Etch-a-Sketch
Your iPhone can actually mimic an Etch-a-Sketch. All you have to do is shake the phone whenever you make a typing error and the screen will clear and allow you to start all over again.

This is a useful hack for those who hate the dexterous operations required to operate the “erase” tab. And it doesn’t stop at text only, the feature can also be used while editing pictures.

2. Charge Batteries Faster in Airplane ModeSwitch your phone to Airplane Mode and it will charge faster.

Because in the Airplane Mode all the background processes that consume power, including all radio-related operations, such as GPS and internet, will be off.

The difference in charging is not day-and-night, but it can shave off some minutes especially when you need to leave in a hurry. Remember not to check the charging process often as the screen background light consumes considerable power too.

3. Invert Display Colors at Night

Love browsing late at night while in bed? Do you wake up your spouse because of the bright light? Simple. Invert the iPhone display colors and you will not have to worry about the light. The text will be lighter than the background and this will be less invasive in the dark.

Keep on exploring your phones, there are more phone hacks to be discovered.

Tricks on your Android that you do not know

Smartphones are perhaps the best innovation that has become human’s favorite. Nowadays, manufacturers are competing through addition of features to phones. These many features require an android version that will have speed and enough memory to enable them run smoothly. All applications compatible with a Smartphone are useful to the user.

Although the phone manual describes how to use important features, 90% of android owners utilize less the 40% of the applications. However, most of these features make the phone more interesting, if only you know how to use them effectively. The value of a phone depends on the number of features and applications it has. Here are wonderful tricks that these applications can do:

Security camera

The IP webcam application turns an android phone to an IP webcam that you can use to trace what is going on at your house. The trick requires two phones one for surveillance and the one you will carry. The phone cameras act as the window pc and it is a cheap but effective security management system.

Wi-Fi tricks

Tracing hidden Wi-Fi signal

Using your favorite App store, install the inSSIDer application on your android. This feature allows you to access locked Wi-Fi signal and information.

Wireless files transfer

When you require transferring files and documents from your phone to a laptop, you do not require using a cable. The Airdroid app allows use of Wi-Fi wireless network to connect to any window pc. The size of the file is unlimited while using this app.

Tracking unauthorized Wi-Fi users

The Wi-Fi is usually open and people may take advantage of this. The Fing application allows access to all addresses connected to your signal.

Windows PC and phone connection

If you want to watch a file from your PC using a Smartphone, download and install the Splashtop 2 application. The features connect all the apps including Game plays on your phone and they work with enough speed.

In addition, you can make an exact reflection of your Smartphone display screen on your PC. The All Cast and Teamviewer Quicksupport applications have features and themes to allow this. It is time you leave cables for charging purposes only.

Medical purpose

Our heart rates have some aspect in the overall health and body fitness. It is possible to carry out heart beat rates using your android phone. The Instant Heart Rate application has features that measure the exact pulse rates. Place the middle finger on the phone camera and watch your pulse rates.

Camera to calculator

It is possible to have rapid mathematical problems solutions using a Photomath application. With the application activated, a snap of an arithmetic sum will automatically have a correct solution. It is a very useful feature for students who require quick answers.

Optimizing the Smartphone’

The operating software affects the speed of the phone. Kali Linux software is a perfect OS that is accessible from the App store. Depending on the phone’s android version, there will be specific instructions that will help optimize the phone OS.

In addition to a fast OS, it is possible to bypass the screen lock and retain all your data. However, this is specific for the different brands and you require having specific Brand information. It is time you made your Smartphone interesting using these tricks.

How Protective Accessories Can Prolong the Life of Your iPad

No matter how sturdy, versatile or perfectly protected your iPad is, the risk of getting it damaged beyond repair with a single drop on a hard surface still exists. If you want to protect your valuable electronic companion from unfortunate accidents, unnecessary bumps and scratches, consider buying a protective case for it. There are attractive and fun designs on the market to choose from and all of these accessories can keep your pricey gadget safe from harm at all times.

Here are some of the most important benefits you will enjoy through the selection of protective iPad accessories.

The main advantage of iPad covers and cases is the ability to protect your expensive device from damage caused by falls, scrapes or knocks. Because of the wide range of shock absorbing materials used in case manufacturing, these accessories offer high level of defense against damages that can potentially render your tablet unusable.

Statistics show that buyers who have purchased protective iPad cases experience fewer problems resulting from accidental damage. These statistics prove the fact that investing in a high-quality casing is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your favorite device.

While covers protect the front of your tablet, cases have the added benefit of covering its sides and back, as well.

Besides protecting your tablet from accidental damage, high-end iPad cases provide great functionality and various useful features that can increase the value of your electronics. And who doesn’t love having an extra functionality added to their favorite gadgets, right?

While back in the day most case models were designed in a way that prevented the user from utilizing some of the tablet features unless the case was removed, today, the picture is completely different. Most iPad case manufacturers focus their efforts on making protective accessories that allow you to use all functions, as well as to take advantage of new ones.

Some iPad covers come with a physical keyboard that transforms your tablet into a handy notebook. Others provide holders that, when folded, turn into a convenient stand for your tablet. The list goes on and on.

Protective casing also allows you to customize your tablet, making it stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for ways to tweak the design of your iPad to reflect your personality or to just change its default look, casing is the way to go. Thousands of different designs are available for you to choose among, which gives you incredible self-expression opportunities.

Selecting the right iPad cover may be a confusing and time consuming task, especially with all the shells, sleeves, play-through cases and flip-style covers available on the market. When shopping for protective casing, remember that choosing the cheapest or most expensive model is not necessarily your best bet. Look for an accessory that provides good protection, looks and functionality at a reasonable price.