Popular Mediterranean Restaurants

La Goelette Plus

La Goelette Plus is a popular Mediterranean restaurant in Montreal. Founded in 1980, La Goelette is a popular spot on St-Laurent Boulevard. This restaurant occupies a good position among the other best-known restaurants in Montreal. His specialties are fresh and high quality food.

Not only seafood delicacies, there are other delicious cuisines that add a great feeling and flavor. If you want to try something fresh and unique then La Goelette is the place to be. You even get a number of superb delicacies such as black angus beef, milk-fed lamb and a host of other Greek specialties.

Not to mention the extensive wine list of La Goelette Plus. This Montreal restaurant complements your meal and offers a wide selection of fine wines. The list of wines offers you a wide pricing and selection.

This is a great place to guarantee an elegant evening with friends and family. The warm decoration, the professional approach leaves the guests stunned. To enjoy an elegant evening, La Goelette is the perfect choice.

Brown’s Restaurant

Brown’s Restaurant is located on 27-29 Victoria Road, near many Dartmouth vacation rentals. This would be a great place to bring your family and enjoy delicious and freshly prepared Mediterranean dishes. This popular restaurant serves seafood dishes and a wide selection of wines. The extensive wine list includes Mediterranean wines, but also fine wines, tempting cocktails and champagne from all over the world. You can choose from a variety of specialties such as shells and clams in manzanilla, wild salmon, brixham crab, south devon steak, local lamb and seafood paella. The chic place is highly recommended by Olive Magazine in its October 2007 issue and is a popular spot for locals and visitors. It might be a good idea to have cocktails before dinner and drink brandy and coffee at the bar after dinner, which has an impressive pewter top. If you love tapas, Friday night is tapas night and tapas are free if you drink at the bar from 5pm. until 8 pm The restaurant opens at 6 pm. every day.

Ella Grill

If you do not know the true essence of traditional Greek-Mediterranean cuisine then you must visit Ella Grill. Have a great time at this Montreal restaurant. Ella Grill is well known for providing a soothing environment that makes the restaurant a delightful and outstanding restaurant.

The refreshing martini cocktails give a special taste and make your evening in the right spirit. Ella Grill comes with its unique specialties and the handpicked fresh dishes, which are prepared with perfection, fascinate every day.

The Ella Grill serves some of the best appetizers, including grilled oyster mushrooms, marinated octopus, lamb chops, traditional Greek salads. Overall, Ella is a popular restaurant that promises a great environment, food quality and service quality. If you want to have fun and spend time, Ella is the place to spend time.

Sail’s Restaurant

Sails Restaurant is a newly opened restaurant located on 22 South Embankment, just minutes from Dartmouth vacation rentals. It is owned by Chef Wendy Jones and Dougie Hawkins. Only the freshest daily catch of fishermen and the best meats and cheeses of local farmers are used to cook their delicious dishes. The menu includes a variety of dishes that have a modern and Mediterranean touch. These dishes are simply cooked to have the natural, delicious taste that only the freshest ingredients can have. Dine at Sails Restaurant for the best views of the Dart River as you look down the river to the sea. This beautiful view has contributed greatly to the cozy and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. That’s why you should dine in the upscale Dartmouth vacation homes when you dine in a place where delicious food, great wine, scenic views and friendly service are combined. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, 19:00. Late into the night.